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Thursday 14th September

7pm – 10pm

The Old Dairy, 71 Powerscroft Road, E5 0PT

Join Secret Yoga Club and ROOTED LONDON for an exclusive evening of intuitiveness and slow guided movement.

The evening will take us through two chapters..

Gabrielle (Secret Yoga Club) will first lead us through a slinky, primal flow yoga where we’ll learn the importance of using our breath, rolling through the spine, dropping our hips and embracing a deliciously natural way of movement. Post-session, we’ll relax and heal as she plays singing crystal bowls, bathing us all in unique sound.

There is no greater power than developing and honing our intuitive wisdom. This inner guidance helps us to choose the roads to take, and which to avoid. What our body needs to feel nourished, what brings us to balance and what pushes us off kilter.

Working as a Holistic Nutrition and Life Coach, Pandora, Founder of ROOTED LONDON specialises in Intuitive Eating and Living and Self-love Empowerment. This workshop aims to re-connect you to your intuition surrounding food and your body, and expand your senses.

The foodie exploration starts with a guided visualisation to connect to your intuition, followed by an introduction to the principles of Intuitive Eating and Living. This follows with an alternative blindfolded eating experience whereby you learn to taste food differently and use your senses in their full capacity.

We’ll be ending with a short Q&A, with Gabrielle and Pandora.


Pandora has been a foodie since day dot, but for a long time her relationship with food was obsessive and unhealthy. Living with self-loathing and emotional issues just had to stop, and so over a decade ago, she began her healing journey, learning alternative ways to heal and build a better relationship not just with food, but with herself. She found connection in listening to her body and understanding what she really hungry for. She found it. She fed it.

Known for her intuitive approach, Pandora now works with her true purpose in life: to help guide and heal others. She is dedicated to her service to support individuals to return to their roots – their truest form – and in turn their truest potential using Nutrition, Intuitive Eating support, Life Coaching, Meditation, Visualisations, Reiki, Yoga and Healing practises.

Pandora studied Naturopathic Nutrition at the UK’s leading College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. She has studied Intuitive Eating and has over 100 hours of additional nutritional training in a variety of subjects. She is a trained Life Coach and a 200 hour trained Yoga Teacher, specialising in Vinyasa flow and restorative yoga. She has trained in meditation techniques, breathwork and bodywork, as well as Reiki healing and energetic empowerment.


It took a stint at a corporate global PR agency for Gabrielle Hales to realise that no, office life was not for her. One ticket to India later, she found herself teaching yoga and eager to share all the amazing things she’d learnt upon her return.

Beginning with classes in her own living room, the word spread and these events became so popular that she sought out ever-more exciting venues to host events in, bringing an extra element by working with up-and-coming chefs to expand them into yoga supper clubs.

Elements of immersive sound therapy and live music soon followed as part of Gabrielle’s mission to introduce a new sense of warmth and generosity to the yoga community – creating a new setting for yoga practice that was more sociable and less solitary, while breaking the assumption that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nourishing food.

Now? Gabrielle’s pushing SYC to the next level, aiming to inspire people to experience practices that improve happiness and well-being. Oh, and with plenty of fun, too.

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ROOTED is pleased to present the third workshop in it’s ROOTED Living series.



Manifesting is a transformational tool that can help you change your life and shape it to be exactly the way you want it to be.

Sound whacky? Great, read on…

There is nothing new or extraordinary about visualisation. In fact, we do it daily, by using our imagination. Do you visualise what outfit you’ll wear to an important event? Do you imagine what you’ll have for dinner tonight? When thinking about your shopping list, do you envision the things you need to buy? When do get a haircut, do you have a particular idea in your mind of how you want to look? Of course, because that is what visualisation is, and we all do it every day. 


Humans tend to be naturally pessimistic, or ‘realistic’ we might say. Often we have dreams and ideal scenarios we would like to happen, but our negative and cynical inner voices can beat this out of us, making us think it’s not possible, or we are not good enough, or it is too unachievable. In order to make our dream world a reality, we need to align our self-esteem with our intuition and work harmoniously with our conscious and unconscious states to make these ideal scenarios and desires happen. 

You’re probably familiar with the term ‘positive thinking.’ Have you ever experienced a time when you’ve been in a foul mood, emitting negative energy, and more bad stuff seems to have happened to you or your bad day has gotten even worse? 

Similarly, have you noticed how on a bright and joyful day, when you are full of confidence and radiating happiness, that more positive things seem to come your way and your actions have a beneficial effect on what’s going on around you? 

The same applies to our mind. If we spend quiet, dedicated time with ourselves, every day, manifesting positive images and affirmations of changes we want to happen in our lives, we become aligned and give ourselves the opportunity to dream our world into being. We become harmonious, working towards the same vision. We overcome the negative and pessimistic inner voices beating us down, and that is when the magic happens. 

This does not happen overnight, because nothing worth having does. This is a constant evolving power, and much like meditation, yoga or other kinds of healing it requires energy, belief and strength from YOU. 


I have utitilised this power to get me where I am now. It has enabled me to move city, buy a house, pass my driving test, start my own business and find stillness amongst a very busy world.  


* You feel stuck or trapped in a career, relationship or lifestyle that doesn’t fulfil you

* You are looking to make a big change, like moving town, city or country

* You are planning to leave your job and work for yourself and need extra guidance

* You have starting your own business or have recently made the leap into something new and want to manifest it’s success

* You are lacking in confidence and self esteem 

* You feel fed up of feeling exhausted and stuck in a routine and want to feel that va-va boom of life

* You feel that you are wasting time, energy and money in toxic friendships and relationships and want to move on


This workshop will be hands on, creative and conversational. I’ll be guiding you through:

* Vision board creating

* Guided meditations and visualisations

* How to put a price on your worth

* Stepping into your purpose and living it

* A guide to visualisations 

* A guide to manifesting

Join me for some dedicated YOU time, where I will teach you how to manifest your visions and dreams and turn them into reality. This workshop will harness the powers of guided meditation and life coaching to help you create the life you deserve and the life that you choose for yourself. 

Whether its centred around your career, your relationship, a move, your spirituality, or lots of small positive changes you want to manifest for yourself, it is in your power. You can make it happen. 


LOCATION: BLANK 100, Unit 5, 100 de Beauvoir Road, London N1 4EN

Pandora’s story:

For a long time Pandora hid behind a career she thought made me happy. She was the person she thought people wanted her to be vs. the person she really was inside. Always buying Vogue (the person she thought she should be) and Zest (the person she was) she felt like each day was groundhog day. It was. Her career made her feel empty, her relationships were full of mistrust and her relationship with herself was unkind.  One day something changed. She found the light - the light that holds her up and allows her to speak her truth and live her purpose.  The real journey began as she embarked on her own healing journey. Now she lives her purpose, to help heal others and guide them to live theirs. 

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