ROOTED Food Coaching and Workshops help build a lifestyle, from the root of you to accomplish and maintain wellness and happiness - mind, body and belly. We aim to educate and inspire anyone looking to make a positive, healthy and rooted lifestyle change. Join us...

We are available for group sessions, cooking sessions, one-to-one's, private and corporate events, hen parties, daytime parties or night-time parties. We can come direct to you or provide the space for which to educate and inspire. We also love partnership with like-minded brands so if you'd like to work on a project with us, get in touch.

The Rooted Reset

Rooted believes you can’t have optimum health if the core isn’t cool and complete.  The Rooted Reset delves a little deeper into how you can live a more mindful, fulfilling life, starting with the foods you put into your body and also looking at other avenues to create a more rooted you.  This service is a personal one-to-one to help identify what you, as an individual can do to grow your health, both mind and body. To begin we look at your current diet and lifestyle with a questionnaire which we then look at the see whether changes can be made. The ROOTED team then gives you feedback on changes, including recipe ideas.

Includes: 1 hour one-on-one time at home or via Skype.

£120 (including consultation and feedback Skype / 1-2-1)

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Supermarket Sweep
from 60.00

With so many variations of the same product on offer, it’s often hard to know which one is best and why. This service debunks food myths, teaches you what products you need, what are the best versions, how to read the labels, where to buy and a snap shot of how to use them once you get home. Head on the highway to better health with Supermarket Sweep.

Includes: 1 or 2 hour one-on-one shopping date, either at home or your local supermarket

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Food Cupboard Facelift

Food Cupboard Facelift is a personal, bespoke food cupboard overhaul for the modern city dweller.  This service gives you food education tailored just for you and your larder where we personally take you through your cupboards and teach you how to get better health with the products you’ve got, what to replace and what you need to get rid of to reach a healthier lifestyle. We also advise on what quick-fix meals you can do with your weekly shop to save time and get you healthier fast.

Includes: 1 hour one-on-one time at home or via Skype.

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Private Cooking Class (one-to-one or group)

Whether you’re aiming for better overall health, are just time poor and short of ideas in the kitchen, this service is for you.  We help individuals or groups get creative in the kitchen with culinary and nutrition education on a topic of you choice. We come direct to you, your friends or your family to help teach the basics of cooking healthy and delicious meals whether it’s seasonal, raw, vegetarian or very simply quick and easy recipes for a mid-week meal.

This service is also available for parties, hen dos, or any group related activity!

Includes: A 2 hour home visit, cooking techniques as well as verbal instruction and demonstration.  Option to add extra time for cooking, dependant on your preferences.

Price on request, dependent on party size and topic


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