Do you feel like you’ve lost your purpose or wake up every day with a dis-satisfied feeling - is this it?

There can be many routes available to find our quest for a fulfilling life. As a human being we are multi-dimensional: a body, a mind, an emotional being with feelings and needs, a soul or spirit and an open system in which all parts of you are connected.  

From business to relationships, I work with you to rid of old emotional baggage and blockages in the body and mind,  empower the self and guide and release you to step freely into your power, for a more fulfilling and powerful life. 

My creative and intuitive approach is highly effective, promoting authentic change and growth from the root of any issue or change that needs attention. My calm and safe way of holding space and guiding you, will allow you feel relaxed as you explore your physical and subconscious realms in a light and playful way, building on your ability to see things differently and ultimately leading you to a new perspective and state of peace and power.  

With a 15 year strong background in Marketing, PR and Brand Strategy, I understand the power of communication. Whether that's standing in your power at work, communicating your new business and reaching success or finding your inner voice and purpose, together we work to understand what's stopping you and create a powerful plan to overcome it.





Relationships with Food

Finding Love and Self-love

Boosting your Career

Building a Business or supporting a business that needs a shake up

Body Positivity

Overcoming Fears from the Boardroom to the Bedroom

Finding and Living your Purpose

Freeing from Stress

These sessions work on your will, freeing it and ensuring it is aligned with your purpose, direct your goals and passions, affirm your uniqueness and build on your power. Together we build on self-love, joy and happiness, bringing it back into your soul, for a life rich in abundance. You’ll feel more in control of your life, more balanced and more rooted.


You want to connect more deeply to your purpose in life

You feel lost or that there is something more from life to explore but feel unsure how to navigate exactly what this is?

You feel blocked in areas of your life and often ask yourself, is this it?

You’re ready to shift and live life with absolute abundance and joy

You’re ready to make a change and shift into a new way of thinking

You want to feel empowered by your abilities and the opportunities life presents vs. feeling fear  

You are ready to change career, relationship, town or country. The universe is listening and will always give you what you need.

You need support in building your business or shaking up a business that has lost it's way

You want to feel empowered in every aspect of your life


Guided visualisations - dreaming YOUR world into being

Identifying and connecting to your power

Business - re-creating brand message, communication plan and timelines

Goal setting

Identify and release fears, resistance and blocks

Guided meditations 

Intention setting 

Breathe and body work



I work via Skype or face-to-face in London and Ramsgate, Kent (and surrounding towns)


COST: from £120. 3 sessions £340

I advise we work together for a minimum of 3 months, 1-2 sessions per month to see the growth and power reveal.

Note:  Local Thanet residents receive a 30% discount on both Nutrition and Healing. Contact me for the discount code.

Rooted Life Coaching Sessions
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"I've been lucky enough to experience Pandora's food, yoga and workshops. I love her energy, she comes across as very grounded and just real, which is refreshing. I like the sense she gave everyone in her Finding and Living Your Purpose Workshop, of: You know what? Not everything is perfect! We all struggle but we all can do something about reaching a higher place. You can tell she speaks not only from the heart but from experience and I feel like she's lived the process and so it gives her work a sense of weight and meaning".