Often, healing the spirit is the last step for people seeking optimum health in our society, but in my practice, it's at the heart of it. 

The field of nutrition can be so very overwhelming and confusing. Fad diets, the latest ‘superfood’, the latest study - it can be hard to cut through the noise.

Here at ROOTED, I work differently. My objective is to work with the root of each individual, and together allow your mind and body to work in harmony.

I don’t use the term ‘diet’, nor do I promote fads and trends. I work holistically with an emphasis on self-love empowerment and healing through food. I look at YOU. Who YOU are. What YOU’RE feeding, how and why. I look at the whole picture, including every system in your body, your emotions, exercise, digestion, current lifestyle, and history with food on a physical, mental, social, and emotional level. 

In my work I focus on everyday empowerment, feelings and success about food and help you tune into hunger and fullness. Whilst I specialise in Intuitive Eating, something that works in tandem with much of my work, I also work solely on treating diseases and in-balance in the body, including: stress, anxiety, depression, gut issues - IBS, digestive disorders, menstrual issues, headaches, infertility problems, allergies and intolerances, strong cravings, low immune problems, PCOS, skin problems, kidney and bladder problems and weight management to name a few. 

Through the application of nutritional science and the most up to date modern research, I aim to restore health for the long term. I work with individuals on their specific conditions, health goals or as part of their medical treatment.

If necessary, I may want to work with holistic healing (I use reiki, guided mediations and visualisations along with other healing techniques) as part of the consultation. This may be to  help clear blockages in your associations with food, break emotional ties, find balance with your relationship to how you eat, or help to heal the pathology. This is completely optional.


You want to heal your body naturally through the foods you eat          

You are an emotional eater and want to break free from the battle

You want to find a better relationship with food

You want to find freedom with food, ease in your body and feel more connected to your mind

You want to feel more connected to the foods you eat, and be educated on how food can heal for ailments specific to you

You’ve tried every diet in the book and feel like you're getting nowhere

You want to make a positive change with your diet and rid of modern stresses that feel held in your body


90 minute introductory session where we get to know each other, set an intention for our journey together and go through your body systems and your current mind-frame and relationship with food.

Includes 30 minutes of healing work of your choice. To include, reiki healing, guided meditation, guided visualisation, self-love empowerment work or a healing ritual given to be used at home. This is optional to client and tends to be chosen on the day, once we have set our goal together.

Exercise and lifestyle recommendation, including movement, meditations and visualisations 

Personalised journey work - homework to build on our session

Email support and guidance

Meal plan designs and guidance to support your specific health problem/s 



I work via skype or face-to-face in London and Ramsgate, Kent (and surrounding towns)


Initial consultation £120 for 2 hours. Follow up (1 hour), £75. Combined booking £250 for initial and x2 follow up sessions 

Note:  Local Thanet residents receive a 30% discount on both Nutrition and Healing. Contact me for the discount code.


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