Is toxic self-talk CALLING THE SHOTS AND getting in your way?

WANT TO KNOW WHY AND HOW your relationship with food IS keeping you small?

WANT TO FIND SATISFACTION AND A sense of purpose in life?

I’ve been there. It felt like Groundhog Day.  

The mind has an incredible way of holding you back. Time wasted, spent focusing on limiting beliefs, calories or toxic thoughts about your body and your ability. But it’s never too late for YOU, to start doing YOU.

Introducing Intuitive Living where I identify your toxic self-talk, your blocks and your negative mentalities and replace them with your Inner GPS.

Are you ready? Because I am ready to work with you.

I guide YOU to LIVE, reconnecting you to areas of your life that you’ve been hiding from, break free from stories and imprints you’ve been living and believing, and most importantly, banishing your toxic self-talk. 

What would it feel like to love yourself enough to be truly seen?

If we are only listening to our inner critic, we make no space for our intuition to be heard.  From relationships to purpose, body image to love, I help you transform and rid of old beliefs, stop playing small and start showing up for yourself in a big way.

What is toxic self talk?

Think about how you’ve spoken to yourself today?

What have you told yourself about how you look, what you ‘should’ eat, or how well you performed in your job? What was the tone of that self-talk; kind and compassionate or harsh and critical? Maybe your self-talk bosses you around and tells you what you shouldn't or couldn't do? 

I know her well. She is part of the shitty committee that stops you living your best life.

This self-talk and limiting beliefs have to be identified, worked through, broken down and rebuilt. 

This is where I step in…


Living intuitively brings you into alignment with your highest truth and your authenticity. You know your body and mind better than anyone else but when you’ve grown up with a ton of rules to live by - eat this, wear that, be like them, work hard, play harder - it can be really confusing. Who are you behind all of these screens? Who are you without all of these rules? 

What stories are you telling yourself about your body, diet, your job or your ability everyday. What stories are you living out that repeat over and over everyday?

It’s time to change the narrative.

By engaging with intuition you can stop faking it and start making it, YOUR WAY. There’s no rulebook to life and when you start seeing and letting go of everyone else’s BS imprints about body, food and living, you can start creating the life YOU want to lead. 


  • You’re done living a life of shoulds

  • Your toxic self-talk is keeping you small and you’re ready to play big

  • You have bad body image 

  • You’ve been dieting your whole life and want to jump off the dieting bandwagon and find something that feels more sustainable 

  • You have low self-worth

  • You feel lost and without purpose

  • You feel like you’re hiding from the real you

  • You are done with believing the hype from everything around you and want to start making your own rules

  • You feel you aren’t connected to your intuition and want to learn to tap into your own wisdom


  • Be more conscious in life

  • Make choices based on trust, not fear

  • Feel closer to your inner wisdom: your intuition 

  • Become more aligned to your purpose

  • Break free from diet mentalities and blocks around your body

  • Learn to love yourself, inside and out

  • Break up with bad habits and limiting beliefs

  • Release your toxic self-talk and find kinder communication between your conscious and subconscious

  • Find satisfaction in all areas of life

  • Stop letting food rules rule your life

  • Show up to YOU in your truest form

The intuitive eating coaching was so much more than just about eating, by bringing self awareness to my whole live, Pandora helped me to identify what was really going on so that my relationship with food reflected my relationship with life - healthy, happy and full of soul. Each week built onto the next, so that I was able to build up a full picture of what intuitive living and eating really felt like. I realised the importance of self care and laying the foundations to allow for a flourishing life. Pandora’s unique, grounded and wise teachings allowed me to do more than eat and live intuitively, it allowed me to express myself more fully and embrace who I am. It was the education that would benefit every woman, as I learnt to fall in love with myself so every decision was based on love rather than fear. I found myself being more outgoing and embrace my quirkiness, I wasn’t afraid to be myself - which is more than I could have imagined from an intuitive eating coaching! Thank you Pandora for continuing to inspire me to feel empowered and connected to myself!
— maddie munro, health coach

I won’t ask you to transform into something you’re not and don’t aspire to be. I simply ask that you open your mind to the possibility that your intuition can guide you so much more, and upgrade your life with the knowledge that is already inside you.

If you’re serious about exploring and expanding in life, then it’s time to trust the voice inside you. It’s with this voice that you can create a truly remarkable life.


Let’s begin… Take a look at my transformational programmes below.

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Since seeking Pandora’s support, her calm and carefully curated guidance has been fundamental to my health and recovery. She is calm, nurturing and makes sure that every detail and concern is accounted for. I have more energy, happiness and peace in my life since bringing her on board to help out with getting better. Would recommend to anyone going through a major life change or just for small pointers towards feeding your body and brain the right stuff.
— Harriet Gibsone, The Guardian