We all need a bit of healing now and then, but when it comes to the food we consume that's exactly what it should be doing. Here at ROOTED LONDON, we understand the importance of eating well and nourishing your body, so it's no surprise that when we met the inspiring Macrobiotic Nutritionist & Life Counsellor, Nicky Clinch, that we had plenty in common...

Let's set the scene…where are you right now? 

Sitting in front of my laptop in my living room using our dining table as my desk. It is a big open plan room with 3 french doors behind me going out to the garden and the kitchen in front of me. I have an office downstairs but lately I’ve been preferring to work here cause I like having this much light around me and also being able to pop in and out of the kitchen to cook and take photographs.

Where would you like to be? I’m pretty happy right here but I wouldn’t say no to a beach holiday!

You’ve just served for your own Supperclub at Daylesford.  How did it feel working with such a wonderful establishment? 

To be honest, like a dream.  They were so generous and accommodating and I was pretty specific with my choices for every single detail of the evening and they took it all in their stride.  A week before the event I went into the kitchen with the Head Chef and Sous Chef and we cooked everything together.  We went through every detail of the meal, from seasoning, to presentation and perfecting each dish together.  It was amazing to work so much like a team.  And so great the Head Chef was happy to let me do this in his kitchen.  Chef’s can be pretty territorial!! He was teaching me amazing technical skills I didn’t know and I was teaching him about the energy in the dish and on the plate.  It was fun. At my first Supper Club at Netil House I literally cooked every single thing myself (with my two sous chefs), I lifted boxes, sourced in all the plates, cutlery, flowers, everything AND hosted the evening.  So this time with Daylesford, when I was able to work with their whole kitchen team plus a whole management team taking care of everything else, it felt amazing.  I was able to really be present with my guests and enjoy the night and that was so important.

Your ethos is empowered healing from the inside out. How did you come to define to your brand and its vision, and turn it into what it is today?

Well my brands definition comes from the way that I live my life and my own journey to how I got to where I am today. 20 years ago I was living a very different life to the one I live today and I was a very different person.  I was struggling with drug addiction, riddled with eating disorders and had major health issues.  The prospect of being someone who followed her dreams or got her qualifications, had a family or took care of herself, just didn’t seem possible.  I’m very very lucky that that began to change very young for me.  And for a long time, the first 10years, I was just doing all this work on myself, learning about how to gain empowerment and healing from the inside out on myself. Learning how to nourish myself with foods that were right for me, how to listen and trust my own body and intuition, healing my own health issues, shifting and transforming self-defeating emotional patterns and behaviours and learning how to take care of my body. After a while it began to turn around and I decided to go back to school, re-train and change my career into what I do now.  Before I knew it I was the one teaching to others all that I had learnt for me.  And here I am. My brand was born organically. Or maybe it was always there I just had to go through the whole journey before it could come to life.

How important is healing to you and why is this such a strong message is your brand?

For me the word healing is a verb, so it is something that is constantly moving and changing.  It is not a fixed thing or a final destination. And that’s why I love it.  For me life can be an amazing journey of constant learning.  Every single experience, good or bad, can be an opportunity to learn something about ourselves.  And I find living this way can be so empowering, because then everything that happens becomes useful.  I have learnt the most profound things about myself through the strangest most unexpected experiences and I wouldn’t change any of it.

With the noise of food trends in recent time, what do you feel and hope will change in the food industry to educate our nation people that fads will fail and a balanced approach to their diet will have most longevity?

My hope is very much that people will eventually tire of food trends and begin to realise that there is no such thing as the perfect diet or the perfect foods. Each one of us is so different and what we need to nourish us will change as we change throughout our life.  What’s more important is to learn how to really listen to ourselves, our body and our own needs and strengthen the relationships we have with nourishment.  Make that strong and solid and the natural choice will be to feed ourselves good foods, take care of our bodies and take care of ourselves.  Coming from this place seems so much more empowering then following a fad diet because it’s the new trend. For me this way is the only way that can really last throughout our lives.

The best advice you’ve ever received? Trust the process

The best advice you’ve ever bestowed? Stop trying so hard to be healthy and start focusing on being loving instead.

 Last app opened? Whatsapp

Last book read? Bob the Artist to my daughter at bedtime tonight

Onto food, our mutual passion…What's your typical day on a plate?

Everyday can be so different for me.  I eat really intuitively so it all depends on the weather and what I’m doing.  But at the moment, I’m usually having hot water and lemon on waking followed by a green lemonade juice (Kale, Celery, Green Apple, Lemon, Cucumber).
I’m usually not hungry for food until around 10am when I’ll have anything from a small bowl of granola, coyo and almond milk, or maybe some sautéed greens or a bowl of miso soup with veggies. For lunch I’ll usually have some kind of wholegrain, lots of veggies and some kind of plant-protein. My favourites are tempeh or pressure cooked chickpeas. Maybe around 4 or 5pm a muffin or natural dessert for a snack if I’ve made some another green juice in there somewhere. Dinner is usually pretty light – veggies & soba noodles or a bowl of soup.

What’s your earliest food memory?
On the walk back from my primary school there was this waffle man who sold the most delicious waffles from a hawker stall on the corner. (I grew up in Hong Kong) The smell of them was unbelievable and I could never walk past without asking whoever I was with if I could have one. So Yummy. My waffles never smell as good as they did!

What would your last meal be? 

Mmmm that’s a hard one.  I LOVE FOOD!! So hard to choose. But maybe a big slice of the vegan sugar & dairy free Coconut & Banana Banoffee Pie I made over Easter. It was literally worth dying for!

The latest restaurant that made you go oooo?

My hubby and daughter took me to Grangers for Mothers Day.  I loved their menu and had the fried brown rice, with kimchi, arame and courgettes with chilli.  It was amazing!

What (or how) does staying ROOTED mean to you?

Wholefood Cooking
Move the Body
Emotional Work
Connect with Spirit

Each day will be different on which one of those is needed more then the others.  Some days my body will need more attention, or cooking, emotional attention or loads of meditation.  But these 4 areas are vital for me in my life to stay ROOTED.



In 50 years from now, what is the one thing you want to be known and remembered for?

Empowering as many people as I can in having a deeper more fulfilling relationship with themselves and with nourishment. 

What’s next for you…?

I have lots of exciting things coming up.
I’ll be speaking at a few festivals this year, teaching new workshops, events, writing my book. 
But in all honesty, I’m really just trying to let life show me the way.

In the next three years what innovation will have the greatest impact on and the food industry?  
If every single person were to go even 70% vegan all climate change issues would be rectified. That’s pretty amazing isn’t it.  I guess we can only hope x