Ready to RE-ALIGN youR life?

Sometimes in life we need some hand-holding along the way.  If there’s niggling thoughts and feelings about your ability or your purpose in life, this session gives you clarity and support in knowing where next to set your intentions.

The session serves to focus on one or two things that need clarity and together, we dive right in to starting fix them. I’m here to help take the clutter from your mind, organise it and give it back to you in perfectly labelled boxes. Sound good?

Together we’ll work through your needs and give you the beginnings of a plan to know what you need to release, call in and accept in the process of your goals and in how you want to feel in your life. You’ll come away feeling refreshed and back on a path to the power you.

You’ll receive my tried and tested mindset tools to bring you into alignment with who you are and who you want to be, plus you’ll receive three action steps to get you moving into the right direction.

This session is an MOT for your mindset, a top up for your self-worth and a chat with your BFF all in one. 


  • Identifying toxic self talk and lack of self-belief and giving it the boost it needs

  • Transforming, re-framing it and releasing old thought patterns, stuck energy and mindset

  • Identifying and transforming critical self-talk, negative belief systems, old memories and triggers

  • Trusting intuition: the tools

  • Mindset tools to bring you into alignment

  • Meditation and visualisation tools for future you to reach your goals

  • Building on the vital intuition living foundation of self love, trust, acceptance and worth

  • Nutrition, body movement, intuitive eating - where needed


  • One 120 minute session via Crowdcast (like Skype)

  • A recorded video of the session 

  • 3 action steps to move forward

  • A follow up email two weeks after the session

  • Handouts after the session (if needed)


The cost to RE-ALIGN your life is £250.

Note: Payment plan of 2 instalments is available. If you decide to continue working with me on THE ROOTED LIVING 12 Week programme, then this price will be discounted.


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The ROOTED REALIGN coaching with Pandora has transformed my life. I felt that I had worked through lots of things myself but I still felt stuck in dealing with my inner critic. Pandora completely understood where I was coming from and gave me really practical advise to transform how I was talking to myself. I’m able to notice when my inner critic is getting too loud, know what my triggers are and know how to reframe that voice. No more judgement to myself. No more feeding those negative thoughts. I now have an inner best friend and it’s always Pandora’s voice I hear.
— Sara, Advertising Director