Pandora PALOMA, Founder of ROOTED LONDON

Pandora Paloma is a yoga teacher and food coach, specialising in intuitive eating.

With 16 years living in London working in the fashion, beauty and the wellbeing PR industry, Pandora had her fair share of fun, but naturally this kind of lifestyle came with long term, low-level stress and little opportunity to really look after number one. 

Frustrated with the lack of health advice that felt real and balanced, she retrained as a naturopathic nutritionist and yoga teacher and in 2013, launched ROOTED with a view to get people eating better, and moving more.

Pandora's philosophy is 'listen to your body and feed your soul'. Her aim is to get people off endless dieting and jumping on the next green fad bandwagon and instead, adopt an approach to diet and lifestyle with balance, appreciation and enjoyment. Her passion is to drive people to feel and experience a deeper mind and body connection, from what they put in your body to how they move. Specialising in intuitive eating, she focuses less on what we are eating, and more on why, looking at our relationship with food on a deeper level.

With over 10 years of passion for health and wellness, Pandora holds a wealth of knowledge that she's keen to share. She writes recipes and wellbeing features for the UK's leading titles and brands including Elle, Fashercise, Psycle, Refinery29 and Women's Health.

Pandora also hosts yoga and nutrition workshops both privately and for corporate events.  She is guest speaker and resident food coach at Soho House Group, Soho Works.

ROOTED: connection is the life force and starts from the roots.